How to Make a Vision Board

Why Do You need a Vision Board?

In 2021 you need to have a Vision Board because it defines your year. You have clarity of what you want to do in 2021, Your whole year is planned and You don’t get confused. if you want to do more in this coming year then you must create a Vision Board.

Vision Board gives you a mental image of your visions.

Vision Board is a constant reminder of what you want to do with your life when you look at it in the morning, you realize How you should spend your Day. vision board inspires you to manifest your Goals in desired time. It does not let you distract moreover it fixes your focus on what you want.

How to write Goal list

Before making a Vision Board, you need to dedicate your time to make a list of goals which you want to manifest in the coming year. While making list You should be in Positive mood that Positiveness is going to reflect on your Vision Board. once your list is done then it is easy to create a vision board.

When you are making list give your all-time and Positive Energy for this task because in vision board your Goal list is important. If your goals do not have a perfect image then it is going to be difficult to manifest. be sure not to write your goal in bad mood.

Here Are Some Popular Goal Categories to make your List.

  1. Spirituality
  2. Health
  3. Self Improvement
  4. Relationship/ Family
  5. Financial
  6. Career
  7. Personal life

How to Make a Vision Board

Be Specific when you are collecting images, they should align with your goal. Google it, get The Inspiring Images. for instance if you want to travel (be specific) where you want to travel. Which place you want to visit. the images should inspire you to manifest your goal. Be specific in selecting images, As these images are going to be fixed in your mind.

Collect the small inspiring Quotes for instance “never give up on your Dreams”

You can choose strengthening verse from the Bible For Instance “faith over fear”

If you want to be Grateful then choose gratefulness Quotes. Choose Quotes according to what you want to manifest in your life. For instance Adventure, travel, Fun, healthy lifestyle. Pick the right words, Phrases or Sentences for your vision Board.

Words, Quotes, Phrases or sentence are fine. But never choose a paragraph for your vision Board. as in a glance, your mind can not read the whole paragraph.

After having all these Images. Print them, Cut the edges if necessary Organize them accordingly your preference on Foam Board and tape them. lastly Place your board where you can see it Everyday.

How did I make my 2020 Vision Board

In 2020 for the first time, I made a vision board and It helps me to manifest some of the Goals even during Pandemic. I remember, I created my vision board in February. It gave my life a direction. trust me I had given more than 15 days to create my vision board as I wanted to create a Perfect vision board. Most of the time went in making Goal list then selecting the images and making Quotes.

for creating a Vision board I used PixelLab. PixelLab is good if you want to create something from scratch.

If you want something ready-made then go with Canva tool. This provides you temples also it makes your work easy.

Quotes, Phrases or sentences. I made it by myself. I choose inspiring images from Pinterest and organised all images in Pixel Lab after that I took the Sticker Print and stuck it on the Foam board.

Mistakes to avoid while making the Vision Board

When you are making Vision Board Remember You are creating vision for a year so always plan ahead as a year has 365 days.

For instance when you are making Vision Board and you include to start a business and your goal manifested after 2 to 3 months (You created a vision board in January you manifested your goal in April or May) but you did not set a goal how you want to run your Business, The profit you want to make, the clients you need to get. remaining time you spend clueless and without vision, you struggle to run that Business.

So that your Goal should be specific and well analyzed. again always remember you are planning for 365 days so always plan ahead. Do not underestimate yourself.

How to manifest

When you are creating a Vision Board you are uncertain, You feel What if I am unable to manifest all the goal in a year so you need to give yourself a chance. give it a try, Set realistic goals and work for it. Look at the vision Board (Big Picture) you know why you are taking efforts. Manifestation is also based on how you spend your day week or month.

Your Vision Board should be realistic for YOU.

To appreciate your effort when any goal manifested tick it off from your list, write there a date when you manifested that goal. Celebrate and appreciate manifestation.

Never give up hope, for instance, you are waiting for Promotion and November month already ended. You do not have to lose your hope or discourage always remember there are 31 days remain to complete the year. so nerve give up your Hope you know a lot can happen in 31 days.

I strongly believe in Manifestation but you need to work for what you want. just having Vision Board and visualizing day and night can not give what you want so work for it.

Happy creating a Vision Board

Importance of Leadership at The Workplace

Leaders are influencer. they create a positive environment in the workplace. They resolve the organization and their team members issues. They are a creative thinker and problem solvers. most importantly they take care of their flock.

What is leadership skill ? Leadership is an act of moving group of people to accomplish a common goal. 

Good leaders have a charismatic personality. They guide, lead, create and direct the way. Leaders help and inspire others to become the best version of themselves. they take initiative to bring the changes and they make other people follow their direction.

Leadership is the most essential skill and it requires to lead team, group of people, community or organisation.

Every leader has different characteristics

The Importance of Public Speaking

As you know, Public speaking plays a major role in leadership, leaders always need to interact with the people so developing your public speaking gives you the confidence to communicate and convey your ideas to people.

Having communication skill improves your Personal and Interpersonal relationship. You can easily resolve any critical situation with the help of communication. 

Decision-Making Skill

Leaders always need to make a challenging decision in the growth of the company as their decision needs to positively impacts on team and company growth.

Decision making is a choice between options and It is free will. You need to make possible choices from many choices and it should be based on rational thinking. The power of decision making is thinking about the outcome.

Active Listening

Leaders must be good listeners. When you listen carefully you understand a person’s point of view that generate trust and relationships with your Team Members. Active listening means showing verbally and non verbally to a person that you are actively listening.

Active listening encourages stronger communication between communicators. It makes team member feel that leader is valuing and appreciating team members. When team members feel appreciated it is easy for them to follow leaders

Social Skills

Soft skill is always undervalued. Soft skill is a combination of communication, social and people skills. these are verbal and non-verbal skills. in simple word it is the ability to deal with people.

Soft skill is more about your attitude your personality the way you communicate with people. soft skills increase your Connection and influence people. it involves problem-solving and critical thinking so that  Soft skill is really important for leaders.

A Positive Attitude

Why is it important to have a positive attitude in leadership? leaders attitude and behaviour always impact team members as well it strongly impacts on their performance. so having a positive attitude is important for leaders.

Leaders positive attitude always helps to build a good relationship with the team. it encourages a positive atmosphere in the workplace. team members feel relaxed and happy around. a positive attitude keeps you and team members away from any negativity.

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Emotional intelligence plays an important role in Leadership. Emotional intelligence positively impacts your professional relationships. it builds trust with your team members. understanding self and someone else feeling gives mindfulness to make right decisions.

Emotional intelligence in business means understanding your and other emotion. knowing your and team members weaknesses, strength, values, principles and use them positively to achieve common goals.

Relationship Building in Leadership

Relationship building is really necessary for leadership. When you communicate with Team members, have conversations and take their suggestions, that generates trust and that trust helps to build a relationship with team members.

When leaders build a good relationship they understand team members emotions and they consider their opinion while taking any decision. They even appreciate their team members achievements and they celebrate them. when you genuinely appreciate team members achievements you win their heart and you generate a more positive environment in the workplace.

Persuasion ability in Leadership

Persuasion is the ability to sell your ideas, It is used to influence the audience. Leadership is all about persuasion. It requires everywhere but in leadership persuasion is really important so Every leader must have the ability to Persuade.

With persuasion skills leaders easily influence their followers to change their opinion, thinking and decision. persuasion ability is the way to intentionally convince someone to change their belief , their action, opinion and decision.

The persuasive leader just doesn’t communicate their vision and goals to the team but they convince their team member to get on board. persuasion comes naturally when you know what motivates your audience.

When you want to be persuasive you need to tell stories, you need to share your experiences because Sorties, example, experiences are often convincing and people easily relate with them.

Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Spoken words are more powerful than written words in the hand of right public speaker

Public speaking is important to everyone. You everyday formally and Informally interact with People. Interaction is integral part of living. there is no day passes without interacting with someone. public speaking has lot many benefits in professional and private lives. it is also important for your career growth. It builds relationship with your friends, family, clients and Business partners.

Fear of Public Speaking is common, Many people despise public speaking because they are afraid to interact. Public speaking is art of persuasion, You inspire you motivate your audience. You see most public speaker are leaders. They have command on their talk so that, they lead any conversation.

Public speaking skills is most required skill to every profession no matter how difficult you feel that skill is, it needs to be developed. it requires everywhere for instance Business meeting, Education and Individual interaction. having this skill builds your confidence. It makes you feel comfortable around people, because of that your interactions with people increases and you become more social person and you built strong social network.

But let me remind you, Public Speaking is a skill and every skill can be developed or learnt.

Overcoming fear of Public Speaking

Most of the time you do not initiate the talk because of public speaking fear. fear won’t let you live your comfort zone and initiate the talk. you can overcome this fear with practice. You need to come out from comfort zone, meet people and talk with them.This practice will help you to overcome public speaking fear. In starting of your practice days, you can not come off as good as you want. but after practicing you can easily overcome fear.

Public Speaking Practice

How can you practice of public speaking, this question always runs in your mind.

Public Speaking Practice means interaction. a little interaction can help you to build the confidence, so bring public speaking into practice. every small talk builds your confidence.

The very first step of practicing is to communicate with your friends. Once you are comfortable talking with your friends then meet new people. see how do you feel talking with new people. write down your own experience. Observe where exactly you are lacking while talking to an acquaintance see your comfort level.

There are some other ways to practice public speaking

1.You can talk into mirror, observe yourself, your body language when you are speaking.

2.Video calling this also helps you a lot, you don’t need to come out from your comfort zone, when you are video calling. this would be good practice.

3.You can videotape yourself. Where you can hear your voice, observe body language your hands, your gesture and postures

There are many ways to practice public speaking see which works with you. It is not necessary you need to follow these steps. you can invent your own way of practicing.

No matter how much you prepare for public speaking at the time of speaking you always going to feel unprepared. so my suggestion is start public speaking as soon as possible. practicing is the only thing can help you to become a public speaker.

In public speaking you need to learn from your mistakes, you do not have to repeat the same mistakes again always put yourself in the situations where you must speak, Make friends initiate the conversation. That is what public speakers do.

Knowing how to do public speaking doesn’t change anything practicing does.

The Importance of Body Language in Public Speaking

Body language is another important aspects in public speaking.

below some common yet important tips

Facial Expressions while Talking

Facial Expression plays most important role in public speaking..

You show almost all emotion, expression through your face. happiness, surprised, fear, sadness anger. Facial expressions can display your emotions. They are really important when we are interacting with someone.

Power of Smile in Public Speaking

When you approach someone to talk the most important thing is to smile. genuine smile goes long way.

When you smile at your audience then most of the time you are welcome by your audience. Smile sends the positive energy. Smile makes you feel comfortable around People. It releases stress, it makes your approach friendly and It makes other people to feel comfortable around you.

Importance of Eye Contact in Public Speaking

Making eye contact is most important in public speaking. When you look someone in the eye you are connected with that person directly you are having a conversation with them not at them.

Holding eye contact through out your speech is important. Your audience also feel encouraged to listen to your speech. because you give them a lot of attention.

It is important to connect with your audience through eyes, When you don’t keep eye contact. audience feels less connected. when they are not looking you in the eye, That time their mind is wondering instead focusing at your speech.

Hands Gestures in Public Speaking

The big question you face that is How to use hands when speaking. After facial expression using hands is important in public speaking..

You use your hands to convey your message, to communicate with your audience. through your hands you express yourself.

Your hands should move accordingly your speech. they should be connected to your speech. you use your hands to describe your speech. it convey your speech more meaningful. this surely makes impact on your speech.

Note When you are using your hands make sure one thing never point your fingers at your audience. instead use more open hands and body language this is going to make your audience feel connected to you.

Open body language always makes your audience to listen and to talk with you. Do not keep your hands in Pocket or cross them

Stand tall, keep your shoulder back. Be confident about yourself and about your speech. Never slouch when you are communicating with anyone.

How to move on Stage

By practicing, you learn to use a stage while talking.

When you use stage you encourage your audience. This also gives you positive energy. It makes you feel comfortable because you are connected to your audience. you can make eye contact with each one of them. but need to keep one thing in mind when you are using stage try to hold eye contact.

When you move around. you own the stage, It gives you confidence. it makes you feel more energetic more confident. your speech become more engaging and interactive.

Moving on the stage requires practice.

How your Voice Impact on Public Speaking

In public speaking tone is most important. your tone convey exact message to your audiences, tone has impact on your speech it motivates or demotivates an audience, when you speak confidently and clearly your audience gets clear idea. so speak with passion.

It is really important to learn, how to express yourself in that particular language

Work on pauses, Rate of speech, tone and language expression. These things change emotion of any sentences and words.

Importance of Storytelling in Public Speaking

We all like to hear stories, as we have been listening stories growing up. Effective story telling is important to motivate and engage the audience. stories makes your speech memorable. Stories are easy to remember easy to understand and relate. Story telling makes you exciting and encouraging public speaker. Inspiring stories always motivate an audience and keep them engage. We see stories everywhere. Everything which has story that sells more.

Start your speech from story that captivate your audience attention. Audience connect with you easily. good story teller takes audiences on journey. When you start from storytelling it relaxes you as well your audience

Storytelling works best everywhere.

Tips How to Practice English Language alone

The learning language system is to listening and imitating sounds, then learn to speak words, small phrases and its uses. this is how you have learnt to speak your mother tongue

When you had learnt English language, have you followed the language learning system? most people’s answer will be the same that they have not followed the learning language system.

You know the language, you can write the language, you can read the language, you can understand the language but you can not speak fluently.

Have you ever thought? why fluently speaking is difficult with you? you understand language, read and write but not able to speak fluently? The answer is simple you can not construct the sentences while you are talking.

With limited speaking skills set it is difficult to give a presentation and face interviews, there you need to speak continuously and make audiences understand your point of view.

Not able to speak fluently makes you feel less confident in workplace. when someone is speaking better than you, you hesitate to talk with them.

For communicating you need sentences. when constructing sentences in mind takes a time then you are unable to speak fluently. 

As quickly you are able to make sentences as much fluency you have over English language after this you require a lot of practice to develop your communication skills.

Having mastery on language it takes time and practice, Many people can’t reach the mastery level.

When you need to have mastery over language very first you need to get your basic concepts cleared. you need to learn language vocabulary, grammar and sentence formation.

Let me tell you one important thing, There is much difference in knowing and speaking the language. knowing the language doesn’t make you a good public speaker.

How to Practice a Language alone

There are many ways to practice you can find friends who are native speakers or who have good communication skills. You can practice by yourself or with your friends. remember Practicing is important when you want to have mastery.

Practicing can help you to develop your language skill. it improves your vocabularies, grammar, phrases, pronunciation, way of speaking and your communication skills.

Reading, writing, speaking, listening and watching movies are better way of Practicing. you can take help from technology, make online friend connect with native speakers and communicate with them.

When you practice every day your language skills develop.

Reading Practice

Reading improves your vocabularies and helps you to understand the language in depth. there are many books to read

You need to select the right book which is easy to understand and have simple vocabularies and conversational English. that widen your vocabularies and speaking skills. so you improve your English.

Being reader you always have wide set of vocabularies, knowledge and more information.

  • It makes you a great conversationalist
  • It makes you learn grammar, vocabularies and sentence construction
  • It is good for overall learning language
  • It improves thinking and language skills

For reading you must give time, you should make this habit. most importantly you must spend time reading

Learn a Language by Writing

Writing improves your language skills, It improves grammar, vocabularies, spellings and sentence construction. You need to start with a simple piece of writing, you can translate the story from your language to English. this speed up your translation skills

When you write paragraph or story, you must focus on grammar and sentence making, This can help you to improve your language, learning to express yourself into words that develop your language skills.

You can write a journal this also helps you to build your language But keep in mind generally you are correct at writing. since there is time to think and correct the sentence.

  • It develops and shapes uses of language
  • It helps to memories and sharpen your mind
  • It improves explanation skills
  • You can describe your imagination through your writing
  • It shapes your ideas, imagination and languages skills

Speaking Practice

Speaking is helpful when you are learning a language, Speaking is one kind of practice. When you practice speaking you get more comfortable with the language

Find a friend who is a native speaker or who is good at language. so you can listen to a correct language practising with people who are good at language that really helps you to develop your speaking skills.

  • Speaking boost self-confidence.
  • With speaking you can imitate what you have heard.
  • By speaking you learn pronunciation and expression of language
  • Practicing helps to develop communication skills

There is one drawback with speaking. When you have heard wrong grammar, wrong pronunciation, and you are imitating those same sentences you end up practising wrong sentences.

Listening Practice

Listening audiobooks, podcast and songs help you to gain new words, sentences and expression of language.

Listening and practicing language develops your language skills. When you listen for speaking you need continuously practice of listening

But keep one thing in mind when you are listening, try to listen to conversational English that improves your conversational skills.

  • listening improves pronunciation and expression
  • you learn many new words
  • you can listen anywhere
  • with listening you can imitate what you have heard

Listening is always input!

Learn a Language by Watching Movies

When you want to practice you need to watch movies in the targeted language. this is a fun way to practice. For practising language watch movies to understand first and then speak the language.

You can watch movies or T.V series. but you need to repeatedly practice watching movies

  • You can learn the expression of the language.
  • watching movies help you to improve speech
  • you can imitate dialogues
  • watching movies improves words, Phrases and sentences

Thinking in The Language

Thinking in targeted language means constantly speaking with yourself. This turns out to be a better way to learn languages. This helps to basic English language learners.

Thinking in the language which you aim to speak, it takes effort because your thoughts only flow in Mother Tongue.

Thinking in language where you have lack of words, not having enough knowledge of sentence making it is again difficult job but you can overcome with the right practice.

Thinking which means constantly talking, making phrases and making sentences. when you start thinking in that language, your language starts to develop.

When you intentionally do this practice it becomes your habit

  • It develops your language
  • It makes you learn phrases and sentences
  • thinking practice you can do it anywhere
  • It makes you perfect in language

Pronunciation Practice

After learning languages, it is important to learn pronunciation or else your language sound like your mother tongue.

You don’t need to sound like a native speaker. You need to speak with neutral accent so people can understand you.

When your English language skills are good and you speak language with accurate pronunciation that makes you good public speaker because people clearly understand you.

So once you learn the language spend more time on learning pronunciation it adds value in your resume

Join a Class

When your basic concepts are not right and your profession demands fluency over the English language. reading, writing, listing, thinking & Speaking practices are not helping you the way you have imagined.

every day, you deal with clients explaining, communicating and giving a presentation. then you must have mastery over language.

You start conversation very well but after a minute you go blank you don’t understand how to carry a conversation.

Then you better join the class to get your basic concepts clear and then you can go ahead with these practices.

When you completely know the language then practice entirely helps you to build the language otherwise it confuses you.

Reading, writing, thinking, speaking, practices helps only those who need to have fluency.

Top Must-Have Skills For Every Professionals In The Workplace

Importance of Communication Skills

What is communication? in simple words, communication is to convey information to people. There are two ways to communicate, one is to receive information and another is to transfer information. This skill is the most important and it needs to be developed.

There are many public speakers who effortlessly communicate with a group of people. they convey their message, they inspire and motivate their audiences with the help of communication skill. You always wish to communicate like them and believe me it is not difficult to develop communication skill with the right training.

After education, communication is the most essential skill to the professionals. several companies run communication skills test before hiring candidates. a large number of candidates get rejected in a communication skills test. for employers, it is hard to find both technical and communication skills in one candidate therefore professional should have this skill.

Remember Communication skills fall under must-have skill.No matter what profession you are at. everyone needs to have good communication skills to communicate effectively with co-workers and clients.

What are good Presentation Skills

What is the presentation? presentation is presenting understandable information to audiences. presentation skills required in most of the companies.

Generally, You give a presentation but your presentation is not memorable, not understanding and not audience involving and motivating. when you are speaking in front of your associates, it is difficult for you to connect with your audience and put your thoughts into words.

We all desire to give terrific presentations. A good presentation inspires, Influence and motivate an audience. it takes the audience through an emotional journey. A good presentation is simple and easy to understand and most importantly it contains valid information and facts. it should be interactive, involving and entertaining.

Learning Foreign Language

There are many languages to learn you can choose the language by your interest or any widely spoken language. Speaking fluently foreign language that positively affects your resume. so after your mother tongue at least you need to have command over any other language.

When you know another language. it will not be inconvenient to live in different countries. plus you can read their literature, you can watch famous movies, you can visit and work in those countries and increase your social circle.

When you communicate fluently with the language which your clients speak, researches say your client trust you because you speak their language.

Importance of Public Speaking

Public speaking plays a large role in every profession, mostly 70% of jobs are involved with some form of Public speaking. this is the main reason public speaking is more essential for professionals. in some way, you all need to speak with people and you all desire to be master at public speaking. Even if you don’t need to speak publicly often, you must master in this skill.

At working place you need to have good public speaking skills so whenever you get a chance to speak with your co-workers you will not hesitate.

Before starting your conversation you think about how to speak, what to speak, will people laugh at me and you memorize what exactly you want to say. think for one second how would you deliver a speech when you are a great conversationalist.

Developing your speaking skills gives you the confidence to communicate with people You can convey your ideas effectively. above all, you will not find difficulties to gather confidence and communicate with unfamiliar people.

Importance of Soft SKills

Soft skill is highly important for working professionally at the same time this skill is undervalued. Soft skill is a combination of social and people skills, it is the ability to deal with people. It is called social skills, People skills, and interpersonal skills.

Soft skill is more about your attitude, your personality, the way you communicate with people. having soft skill puts you at the workplace more ease. soft skills are verbal and nonverbal, this skill improves the power of your speaking as well as problem-solving, critical thinking and persuasive communication.

In the present circumstances, recruitment criteria are not limited only with technical skills. soft skills also have given significant importance. When you communicate and connect with people, It is important how you say and what you say. Once you open your mouth to talk, the world will know who you are.

So having a set of soft skill is important. with these skills, you can connect with people and increase your influence.

Effective Leadership Skills

This is the most essential skills in the workplace. Leaders guide team, group of people, and organisation. the Leader makes other people follow their direction, they unite team for a common cause and move people to action. They inspire, motivate and encourage positive and productive atmosphere around. they help others to become the best version of themselves.

A common quality we see in leaders that they have a charismatic personality and have wide skills set. Charismatic people are always good leaders as they are positive and confident. with their soft skills, they influence anyone around. They are creative thinker, and they have problems solving skills.

A good leader builds a vision and set the right goal in accordance with the company and the team’s growth. They initiate involvements in work. They resolve organization and team members issues.

An effective leader always thinks out of the box. They lead, create and direct way. leaders always put their insight and open to taking suggestions.

Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is another integral part. it plays a powerful role in professional life In simple terms, you can call it understanding yourself. knowing your own weaknesses, strength, values and principles and use them positively to professional growth.

Being emotionally intelligent, you can have control over your own feelings and that provides motivation and focus at your task and it also improves the relationship with your clients and business partners.

Emotional intelligence gives mindfulness to make decisions, to set goals, to communicate with your colleagues, with your business partners. it means understanding your and other emotion. When you are emotionally aware of yours and other feelings then you can easily get the job done.

Importance of Social Networking Skills

Networking is another term which is essential and plays a significant role in-person professional success. in simple word, Networking is expanding contact, information and building authentic relationships with people who have similar interest.

But this term is avoided, You are unable to create strong networking due to lack of social skills.

Meeting new people expand your professional circle. so you can come across to new opportunities. Practice these social networking skills which certainly strengthen your professional connection. Networking helps professionals to develop their line of employment, you are simply aware of current events. It helps you to boost your contact. Where you can share, get information and connect with like-minded people.

How to improve Decision Making skills in Workplace

Certainly, it is important to make the right and timely decision that leads to success in professional life. The power of decision making is thinking about the outcome. highly successful people know every small decision changes everything around. People who are better at thinking about the outcome known as a good decision-maker.

Decision-making is free will, It is choosing between options. for this reason, making decisions is hard.

Decision-making is based on rational thinking. Employers value decision-making skills. because good decision-makers turn out to be good for team and company success. Their decisions lead success. That’s why many companies value decision-making skills.

What is Creative Thinking and Why It is Important

Creative thinking is an important characteristic. In simple words, you can say Creativity is generating new ideas to carry out the task. creative people are known for their unusual, unique and influential ideas. they know how to bring their imagination and ideas into reality.

We always hear People saying think creatively means find a new idea, find a new way to carry out any task. Professional requires creativity in the workplace to bring fresh ideas to the table. In these days almost all professionals require creative thinking and creative thinking can be developed.

Creativity is the most important business skills. when professionals have creative thinking they can easily solve problems at the workplace. Creative people always find a way out from any negative situation. they never get stuck for long at any negative situations, that is why creative people earn respect in the workplace. they turned out to be very valuable people for the company.