On Kind Words and Thoughts

Words have life, You bring thoughts into reality by using words. Researches say average person speak 7000 words per day. there is life in every spoken word. every positive or negative word impact your life.

When you use positive words for someone you bring great joy into people’s lives. They don’t cost you anything. speaking positive words bring joy and Happiness.

When you use negative words they bring destruction, first in your life then someone else’s life because words are coming from your thoughts. so first they pollute you and then they pollute someone else.

Why do you need to use Kind Words

Word can be life-giving. Speaking kind words means saying the blessing over someone’s life. kind words are really powerful. When you say kind words to yourself or to someone else that changes a person’s life. It encourages someone to be better and it positively impacts lives.

  • Words are so powerful they can build you up or tear you down. they can encourage or discourages You.
  • Positive words help to grow any one’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • Kind words always bring happiness into speaker and listeners life.
  • Your souls nourish when you use kind words over someone else life.
  • Using positive words heal someone’s heart and bring life and health.
  • Kind words mend a broken bond and build a good relationship.
  • Your tongue has the power to make or break things so think before you speak
  • Positive words have the compassion to heal a world.
  • Kind words are healthy for the body and they satisfy the soul.

Words carry supernatural power to bless or curse, know the power of words and choose them wisely.

Say kind words over someone’s life and bless people who are around you.

By words, you can give life to your thoughts.

If you want to use positive words then you need to work on your thoughts. You have to keep a track of your thoughts, if your thought is clean then automatically you use clean words. researchers say thousands of thoughts cross your mind per day, 70% to 80% are old and 20% new thoughts.

So basically you can’t control your thoughts but you can control what to think. this is the biggest power man has blessed with. what to think and what not to think that is completely in your hand.

you can create your future by thinking about what you want. Remember your thoughts shape your life .

You have control over what to think so Do you take advantages of these blessings.?

Habits you should have to Stay Positive.

Prayer and Meditation

When you start your day with Prayer and Meditation or positive affirmations you allow Peace, Joy and Positivity in your life. so You must daily learn to meditate on Positive thought. this will bring stability in your day.

Self Gratitude

Showing self-appreciation generates self-love. there are many ways you can show appreciation towards you. write a journal or give some time to be grateful for things what you have. focus more on your positive things.


Forgiving yourself for past mistakes. (or things you knew what you should have done in the past and you end up doing something else.) forgiving yourself creates a room to improve. so come out from the guilt of the past mistake and practice everyday forgiveness.

Inner Critic

Having self-criticizing nature in everything that you do lead to negativity. don’t be so harsh on yourself. don’t use unkind words for yourself. make a peace with the inner critic.

Practice What You Love

Practice what you Love, at least give 20 minutes in a day to practice what you love. that is going to generate more self-love. if you like painting then spent some time for painting following your hobbies can bring ultimate changes.

Thought Process

If old though process is not serving you well, then you need to change it. changing your thought process will make difference in your day. You need to know what stories are you telling yourself after every setback. what holding you back.

When you change the stories you tell yourself then you all set to go ahead with your life.

Have healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle means to have a physical social and mental well-being. it Includes healthy eating, physical activities, better sleep and stress management. so have a Healthy Lifestyle.

How to Make a Vision Board

Why Do You need a Vision Board?

In 2021 you need to have a Vision Board because it defines your year. You have clarity of what you want to do in 2021, Your whole year is planned and You don’t get confused. if you want to do more in this coming year then you must create a Vision Board.

Vision Board gives you a mental image of your visions.

Vision Board is a constant reminder of what you want to do with your life when you look at it in the morning, you realize How you should spend your Day. vision board inspires you to manifest your Goals in desired time. It does not let you distract moreover it fixes your focus on what you want.

How to write Goal list

Before making a Vision Board, you need to dedicate your time to make a list of goals which you want to manifest in the coming year. While making list You should be in Positive mood that Positiveness is going to reflect on your Vision Board. once your list is done then it is easy to create a vision board.

When you are making list give your all-time and Positive Energy for this task because in vision board your Goal list is important. If your goals do not have a perfect image then it is going to be difficult to manifest. be sure not to write your goal in bad mood.

Here Are Some Popular Goal Categories to make your List.

  1. Spirituality
  2. Health
  3. Self Improvement
  4. Relationship/ Family
  5. Financial
  6. Career
  7. Personal life

How to Make a Vision Board

Be Specific when you are collecting images, they should align with your goal. Google it, get The Inspiring Images. for instance if you want to travel (be specific) where you want to travel. Which place you want to visit. the images should inspire you to manifest your goal. Be specific in selecting images, As these images are going to be fixed in your mind.

Collect the small inspiring Quotes for instance “never give up on your Dreams”

You can choose strengthening verse from the Bible For Instance “faith over fear”

If you want to be Grateful then choose gratefulness Quotes. Choose Quotes according to what you want to manifest in your life. For instance Adventure, travel, Fun, healthy lifestyle. Pick the right words, Phrases or Sentences for your vision Board.

Words, Quotes, Phrases or sentence are fine. But never choose a paragraph for your vision Board. as in a glance, your mind can not read the whole paragraph.

After having all these Images. Print them, Cut the edges if necessary Organize them accordingly your preference on Foam Board and tape them. lastly Place your board where you can see it Everyday.

How did I make my 2020 Vision Board

In 2020 for the first time, I made a vision board and It helps me to manifest some of the Goals even during Pandemic. I remember, I created my vision board in February. It gave my life a direction. trust me I had given more than 15 days to create my vision board as I wanted to create a Perfect vision board. Most of the time went in making Goal list then selecting the images and making Quotes.

for creating a Vision board I used PixelLab. PixelLab is good if you want to create something from scratch.

If you want something ready-made then go with Canva tool. This provides you temples also it makes your work easy.

Quotes, Phrases or sentences. I made it by myself. I choose inspiring images from Pinterest and organised all images in Pixel Lab after that I took the Sticker Print and stuck it on the Foam board.

Mistakes to avoid while making the Vision Board

When you are making Vision Board Remember You are creating vision for a year so always plan ahead as a year has 365 days.

For instance when you are making Vision Board and you include to start a business and your goal manifested after 2 to 3 months (You created a vision board in January you manifested your goal in April or May) but you did not set a goal how you want to run your Business, The profit you want to make, the clients you need to get. remaining time you spend clueless and without vision, you struggle to run that Business.

So that your Goal should be specific and well analyzed. again always remember you are planning for 365 days so always plan ahead. Do not underestimate yourself.

How to manifest

When you are creating a Vision Board you are uncertain, You feel What if I am unable to manifest all the goal in a year so you need to give yourself a chance. give it a try, Set realistic goals and work for it. Look at the vision Board (Big Picture) you know why you are taking efforts. Manifestation is also based on how you spend your day week or month.

Your Vision Board should be realistic for YOU.

To appreciate your effort when any goal manifested tick it off from your list, write there a date when you manifested that goal. Celebrate and appreciate manifestation.

Never give up hope, for instance, you are waiting for Promotion and November month already ended. You do not have to lose your hope or discourage always remember there are 31 days remain to complete the year. so nerve give up your Hope you know a lot can happen in 31 days.

I strongly believe in Manifestation but you need to work for what you want. just having Vision Board and visualizing day and night can not give what you want so work for it.

Happy creating a Vision Board

How to Be a Good Conversationalist

conversationalist! you all desire to be a great conversationalist! after ending your conversation, do you feel contrite about your talk.? Do you think I should have said this instead of saying that? YES, WE ALL HAVE BEEN THERE.

From time to time you interact with people, however, It is incomprehensible why this expertise is overly undervalued. conversation is the process of giving and taking information, It means exchanging thoughts, ideas and at the same time encouraging one to communicate. while having a conversation you can not be only a listener or a speaker, the conversation has a 50/50 ratio.

To have a captivating conversation, you need to have mastery over both Verbal and Non-verbal communication since both have similar importance. after practising these skills you achieve mastery.

So here are some basic tips to advance your next conversation!

Building Rapport

Before starting any conversation you need to build a rapport. building a rapport means making a connection with the people you want to have a conversation. it is the process of developing a connection.

Tone of Voice

The tone of voice conveys your message, describes your mood and emotion. It entirely impacts your conversation. it simply means the way you say something. remember emotions in conversation are important more than words.

Maintain Rate of Speech

Having only slow or fast Rate of Speech makes your conversation really tedious. you slow down when you want to grab attention. you say something quickly when you want to share something exciting. the combination of fast, slow and maintained Rate of speech make you a great conversationalist.

The Words You Use

While you are having conversation use common Words and Phrases so it would be convenient for people to understand you. Use common but impacting words.

Repetitious and Rambling

Saying something over again and again and be repetitive makes your conversation unexciting. same rambling (long and confusing talk) conversation are always confusing.

In conversation try to avoid rambling and repetitious talking. first, construct the sentence, think before you speak, gather your thoughts and execute your conversation(especially in-office meetings).

Asking the Right Questions

Asking question extends your conversation. when you don’t ask questions, your conversation stops exactly at that moment. but remember your questions should not create awkward silence in the conversation.

Be a Good Listeners

Listening means encouraging someone to talk, show genuine interest in the conversation. you always don’t have to listen to answer, sometimes you just need to listen to what people are saying.

Scrolling through Your Phone

People scroll through their phone while they are discussing. they scroll through their phone because they are uncomfortable or maybe they are not interested in a conversation. so they hide behind the phone. so avoid scrolling through your phone while communicating.

Cut Someone off When They are Talking

Interrupting someone while they are talking it is really rude. it dominates the conversation. when you disagree in conversation politely you can interrupt someone in conversation.

Conversation is not Debate

Never treat conversation as a debate and never try to win any conversation. in a conversation you discuss, you inform and you share your thought. when you disagree you don’t have to lose your patience and turn that conversation into the debate.

Show Genuine Interest in People

When you show genuine interest in people, it makes people comfortable with you and that comfortness encourages the conversation. so you can encourage and compliment people in conversation.

The awkward Silence in The Conversation

The Awkward silence in the conversation. when you are run out from the what to talk, or when someone is giving too short answers (like one-word answers) or when someones say something offensive or unexpected, that creates awkward silence in the conversation. so avoid something which creates awkward silence.

Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is the way to communicate without using spoken language, simply it means using body language while communicating. it includes facial expression, eye contact, facial expression, Gesture and Posture.

End The Conversation

The way you open or the way you end your conversation that really matters. saying thank you and showing gratitude when you are ending conversation.