Goal Setting

When you set goals you know what you want to achieve. you can direct your life in the direction you want. this is the main reason you must set your Goals.

You always motivate yourself to achieve those goals which are proven and can not procrastinate any longer

What happens when You set your Goals

  • Goals are the first step towards planning your future
  • You exactly know what do you want and you work for it.
  • Goals give direction to your life.
  • You just don’t aimlessly live life.
  • Goals motivate and inspire you.
  • Setting goals give you purpose
  • When you set goals you take the first step towards your success.

Think of something that you want to achieve in the Future, Write down your goals step by step. after writing down your Goals the big Question is How to set a Goal?

While setting a Goal You must answer these 4 questions

  1. What do you want to achieve?
  2. Why do you want to achieve?
  3. How can you achieve it?
  4. When do you want to achieve it?

Answer These 4 questions, these questions answer will tell you detailed information about your goals. It explains everything you need to know about goal setting.

“You enjoy Journey when You know the Destination.”

Once your goals are set then you need to have an action plan

How to have an effective action Plan

What is the action plan? in simple words What step are you planning to take towards your success. When You want to achieve your goals. you need to break down your goal. your action plan should be more detailed, defined and analysed.

The action plan is a little future than goal setting. It’s a strategy to succeed. you must Make specific and realistic to-do list.

Goal setting requires an effective action plan. It motivates and guides you to achieve your goals

Planning action means keeping track of every action. which actions are leading you to achieve your goal. give your time and energy to productive actions and get rid from unproductive actions.

Why do you Procrastinate

Procrastination means you postpone your actions into the future. You avoid the task which is not easy to achieve. “Your brain is less willing to leave the comfort zone and take the risk.

Why do you procrastinate? There are different reasons for procrastination. It depends on person to person.

Mainly you procrastinate because of a stressful life. Your all energy is consumed by fulfilling your daily Commitment, Dealing with Social, Financial and Career stress and most of the time your friends and family are going through many problems. in such a situation your life becomes stressful and you experience an energy drain. You remain with no time and energy to focus on any new task. so procrastination comes easy.

Procrastination is not an option. by setting Goals take the first step towards success. The more your goals are defined the more it is easy to achieve your goals. Lastly, do not forget to set a time to achieve your goals.