On Kind Words and Thoughts

Words have life, You bring thoughts into reality by using words. Researches say average person speak 7000 words per day. there is life in every spoken word. every positive or negative word impact your life.

When you use positive words for someone you bring great joy into people’s lives. They don’t cost you anything. speaking positive words bring joy and Happiness.

When you use negative words they bring destruction, first in your life then someone else’s life because words are coming from your thoughts. so first they pollute you and then they pollute someone else.

Why do you need to use Kind Words

Word can be life-giving. Speaking kind words means saying the blessing over someone’s life. kind words are really powerful. When you say kind words to yourself or to someone else that changes a person’s life. It encourages someone to be better and it positively impacts lives.

  • Words are so powerful they can build you up or tear you down. they can encourage or discourages You.
  • Positive words help to grow any one’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • Kind words always bring happiness into speaker and listeners life.
  • Your souls nourish when you use kind words over someone else life.
  • Using positive words heal someone’s heart and bring life and health.
  • Kind words mend a broken bond and build a good relationship.
  • Your tongue has the power to make or break things so think before you speak
  • Positive words have the compassion to heal a world.
  • Kind words are healthy for the body and they satisfy the soul.

Words carry supernatural power to bless or curse, know the power of words and choose them wisely.

Say kind words over someone’s life and bless people who are around you.

By words, you can give life to your thoughts.

If you want to use positive words then you need to work on your thoughts. You have to keep a track of your thoughts, if your thought is clean then automatically you use clean words. researchers say thousands of thoughts cross your mind per day, 70% to 80% are old and 20% new thoughts.

So basically you can’t control your thoughts but you can control what to think. this is the biggest power man has blessed with. what to think and what not to think that is completely in your hand.

you can create your future by thinking about what you want. Remember your thoughts shape your life .

You have control over what to think so Do you take advantages of these blessings.?