Habits you should have to Stay Positive.

Prayer and Meditation

When you start your day with Prayer and Meditation or positive affirmations you allow Peace, Joy and Positivity in your life. so You must daily learn to meditate on Positive thought. this will bring stability in your day.

Self Gratitude

Showing self-appreciation generates self-love. there are many ways you can show appreciation towards you. write a journal or give some time to be grateful for things what you have. focus more on your positive things.


Forgiving yourself for past mistakes. (or things you knew what you should have done in the past and you end up doing something else.) forgiving yourself creates a room to improve. so come out from the guilt of the past mistake and practice everyday forgiveness.

Inner Critic

Having self-criticizing nature in everything that you do lead to negativity. don’t be so harsh on yourself. don’t use unkind words for yourself. make a peace with the inner critic.

Practice What You Love

Practice what you Love, at least give 20 minutes in a day to practice what you love. that is going to generate more self-love. if you like painting then spent some time for painting following your hobbies can bring ultimate changes.

Thought Process

If old though process is not serving you well, then you need to change it. changing your thought process will make difference in your day. You need to know what stories are you telling yourself after every setback. what holding you back.

When you change the stories you tell yourself then you all set to go ahead with your life.

Have healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle means to have a physical social and mental well-being. it Includes healthy eating, physical activities, better sleep and stress management. so have a Healthy Lifestyle.

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