On Forgiveness

Acts of Forgiveness

Sometimes forgiveness sounds like, being good around people who offend you, accept them, shower them with gifts or talk sweetly with them but these all are Acts of Forgiveness. act of forgiveness is easy to do. but the real forgiveness comes from within. you can not forgive someone until you choose to forgive.

Forgiveness is Fight

forgiveness is fight which you need to fight with yourself whenever that person is around, you feel resentment, hurt, anger all sort of things. when you recall those offences they become new again and again. So you must deliberately choose to forgive that person for your peace and that is a fight.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean Forgetting

You forget the offences, for some time you don’t forget offences, all the time. when someone hurts you. you start reminding yourself the last time how that person made you feel. so you never can forget. so forgetting is not an option.

Forgiveness is for yourself

forgiveness is not for the people, forgiveness is for your inner peace because unforgiveness holds you back and it makes you bleed on such people who did not hurt you. people who hurt you they left you or you left them. but that hurtsness is still there.

you need to forgive people so you can make peace with yourself. forgiving people is necessary for your well being and mental health.

Forgiveness heals You from within.

So take a small step and forgive someone. They might not deserve forgiveness But you deserve Peace and Freedom.

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