How to Make a Vision Board

Why Do You need a Vision Board?

In 2021 you need to have a Vision Board because it defines your year. You have clarity of what you want to do in 2021, Your whole year is planned and You don’t get confused. if you want to do more in this coming year then you must create a Vision Board.

Vision Board gives you a mental image of your visions.

Vision Board is a constant reminder of what you want to do with your life when you look at it in the morning, you realize How you should spend your Day. vision board inspires you to manifest your Goals in desired time. It does not let you distract moreover it fixes your focus on what you want.

How to write Goal list

Before making a Vision Board, you need to dedicate your time to make a list of goals which you want to manifest in the coming year. While making list You should be in Positive mood that Positiveness is going to reflect on your Vision Board. once your list is done then it is easy to create a vision board.

When you are making list give your all-time and Positive Energy for this task because in vision board your Goal list is important. If your goals do not have a perfect image then it is going to be difficult to manifest. be sure not to write your goal in bad mood.

Here Are Some Popular Goal Categories to make your List.

  1. Spirituality
  2. Health
  3. Self Improvement
  4. Relationship/ Family
  5. Financial
  6. Career
  7. Personal life

How to Make a Vision Board

Be Specific when you are collecting images, they should align with your goal. Google it, get The Inspiring Images. for instance if you want to travel (be specific) where you want to travel. Which place you want to visit. the images should inspire you to manifest your goal. Be specific in selecting images, As these images are going to be fixed in your mind.

Collect the small inspiring Quotes for instance “never give up on your Dreams”

You can choose strengthening verse from the Bible For Instance “faith over fear”

If you want to be Grateful then choose gratefulness Quotes. Choose Quotes according to what you want to manifest in your life. For instance Adventure, travel, Fun, healthy lifestyle. Pick the right words, Phrases or Sentences for your vision Board.

Words, Quotes, Phrases or sentence are fine. But never choose a paragraph for your vision Board. as in a glance, your mind can not read the whole paragraph.

After having all these Images. Print them, Cut the edges if necessary Organize them accordingly your preference on Foam Board and tape them. lastly Place your board where you can see it Everyday.

How did I make my 2020 Vision Board

In 2020 for the first time, I made a vision board and It helps me to manifest some of the Goals even during Pandemic. I remember, I created my vision board in February. It gave my life a direction. trust me I had given more than 15 days to create my vision board as I wanted to create a Perfect vision board. Most of the time went in making Goal list then selecting the images and making Quotes.

for creating a Vision board I used PixelLab. PixelLab is good if you want to create something from scratch.

If you want something ready-made then go with Canva tool. This provides you temples also it makes your work easy.

Quotes, Phrases or sentences. I made it by myself. I choose inspiring images from Pinterest and organised all images in Pixel Lab after that I took the Sticker Print and stuck it on the Foam board.

Mistakes to avoid while making the Vision Board

When you are making Vision Board Remember You are creating vision for a year so always plan ahead as a year has 365 days.

For instance when you are making Vision Board and you include to start a business and your goal manifested after 2 to 3 months (You created a vision board in January you manifested your goal in April or May) but you did not set a goal how you want to run your Business, The profit you want to make, the clients you need to get. remaining time you spend clueless and without vision, you struggle to run that Business.

So that your Goal should be specific and well analyzed. again always remember you are planning for 365 days so always plan ahead. Do not underestimate yourself.

How to manifest

When you are creating a Vision Board you are uncertain, You feel What if I am unable to manifest all the goal in a year so you need to give yourself a chance. give it a try, Set realistic goals and work for it. Look at the vision Board (Big Picture) you know why you are taking efforts. Manifestation is also based on how you spend your day week or month.

Your Vision Board should be realistic for YOU.

To appreciate your effort when any goal manifested tick it off from your list, write there a date when you manifested that goal. Celebrate and appreciate manifestation.

Never give up hope, for instance, you are waiting for Promotion and November month already ended. You do not have to lose your hope or discourage always remember there are 31 days remain to complete the year. so nerve give up your Hope you know a lot can happen in 31 days.

I strongly believe in Manifestation but you need to work for what you want. just having Vision Board and visualizing day and night can not give what you want so work for it.

Happy creating a Vision Board

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