How to Stop Being Influenced by Others

Positive influence is good for your well being. it uplifts your mood changes the way you think and the way you behave so having a positive influence is really important. that impacts your overall well being.

Negative influence disregards YOUR IDENTITY, THINGS WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE, YOUR DREAMS and WHAT MORE MATTERS IN YOUR LIFE and it is hard to find happiness when you are living influential life.

People influence you in many ways. you can see that impact in your lives, the way you think, the way your actions are, the career you choose, the education you take. most of the time these all are influential things.

The world needs you to be unique and come up with your unique and fresh ideas.

So how to stop being influenced by something or someone and flourish your own ideas, your own dreams, your own identity and your uniqueness.

Live Your Own Dreams!

It is simple to get intimidated by what other people are doing with their lives, how they thriving in their career or in their personal lives. it is usual to get sidetracked from your own dream. there is no harm to get disturbed with such thoughts. as you all desire the finest things for your lives.

So what can you do here? balance your thoughts and appreciate people for their success. you need to live your own dream instead of following someone’s dreams because they are proven or they found success in it

Create your own footprints than following someone else’s footprints.

Be Mindful when Comparing Yourself with Others

When you see good personalities around comparison comes in mind real quick. your mind automatically compares to the superior or inferior People. healthy comparison is good that encourage you to be better. but unhealthy comparison always discourages you with negative self-talk. So you have to learn to manage that thin line between healthy and unhealthy comparison.

Choose The Right Suggestion

You all tend to take advice basically for the things which are difficult to understand or sometime it is hard to find solutions. and there is no harm in taking advice from people. but when advice is completely opposite to your thoughts you end up getting more confused. everyone gives advice by their own preference. in every advices you need to find the balance and you need to choose the right things for you.

Get to Know Your Calling

With these all influential noise, it is hard to hear your calling. you need to discover your passion and your skillset. this is going to make you happy and content with your life. even in a small manner start pursuing your calling.

Always remember Why did You Start Something

You need to keep reminding yourself why did you start something. because with these all influences you keep forgetting what do you want from your life. when you keep remind yourself what do you want, there are fewer chances to lose a track and more chances to complete your visions. the self-reminder is always better than any reminder.

Filter always Your Listening

Continuously listening to bad information about yourself or someone else changes your point of view towards that Person or things. listening strongly influences your mind and it has the ability to change your entire thought process. so it is important to learn to filter your listening. filtering gives you insights about what you want and this will save you from other opinions about your life.

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