My Top 10 Tips to Overcome Negativity

Constantly negative thinking leads to depression and when you are depressed; you don’t find the energy to complete your daily task, you don’t feel to wake up in the morning and go to work. at workplace completing a small task takes time than usual. making a small decision or changes in life it also becomes hard when you are depressed. Depression, Negative thinking on loop and stress always drain your energy. and it distracts you from your vision.

NEGATIVE Thinking! Yes, we all have been there, you may have many reasons to feel negative, but overall not having contentment thoughts brings negativity. there are other reasons also to feel negative even some allergies, stress, hunger and sleep deprivation leads to negativity.

Researchers say Negativity is contagious!

So how to protect yourself from Negativity? that is great deal

Protect Yourself from Negative People or Who Brings Negativity

Protecting yourself or standing up for yourself is not bad, negative mentality people anyhow always push you to negativity. the way they say or act around you that bring negativity. they always are ungrateful about their lives and by being around them you also start feeling ungrateful about what you have. so it is truly important to be around positive people and protect yourself from negative people.

Choose Your Battle Wisely

Sometime situation arise in life that you really need to fight, need to take stand for something. fighting for the right things is always encouraging but fighting for things which don’t add value in life that’s meaningless. it is not necessary you need to get into every battle which is going around. choose your battle carefully. fight for things which are important to you. Just don’t verbally fight with people when you are negative about something

Focus on Positivity

When you are thinking negative it’s really hard to shift your focus on Positive thinking. When I am on a loop of negative thinking. at that time I read my Gratitude Journal or think about the things which I am Grateful for. that shifts my focus to a positivity.

Write Your Feelings

I always prefer writing when I feel depressed, negative or stressed in any situation. when I don’t know the way out and there is no one around to talk. I prefer writing my feelings, my thoughts that’s really helped me to cope up with the negative situations. when I write my feelings I clearly get to know what I feel, how strong my emotions are towards that situation. am I angry, or I am just overreacting at something. this gives me more insights on my feeling.

Going away from Friends or Habits Which don’t add Value in your life and Bring Negativity

This is the hardest thing to write, but sometimes it is important to go away from the people who bring negativity. protecting yourself from negativity it is not harmful it is mindful. (but there is a process you need to follow, first observe, then inform, give a chance then repeat this process. if nothing changes…. Then think about it first, before taking any action)

You do have habits which don’t add value, but you have them from childhood. so learn to eliminate those habit and have habits which brings positivity in your life.


When you feel low self-care is highly recommended. self-care means to meet your social and physiological needs. in simple term, self-care is an activity to take care of your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical health.

Observe Pattern

Negativity and positivity both always have a pattern, observe what is your pattern what brings negativity or positivity in your life. keeping track is really important. learn the pattern, learn what are your actions and thoughts when you feel negative. your thoughts and actions should lead you to a solution than the constantly thinking about the problems.

Practice Gratitude

It is really hard to be grateful when you are negative or stressed about the situation. but when you practice gratitude you shift your focus and that makes you less negative in any stressful situation.

Go on Social Media Detox

Social media is a great medium to connect with people, Share your thoughts, your life with people. but when I feel low. I go on some days social media detoxification. This gives me time to process. time to think.

Listen Something that Quickly Uplifts your Mood

Listen to something that cheers you up, this is important to listen to something that boosts your mood. you can listen to music or any Podcast which makes you feel more relaxed and shift your mood from negativity to positivity.

I prefer listening to the audio Bible. when I feel stress or negative and I do not have the energy to read, to focus, or to think positively. I play audio Bible and listen to the Book of Psalm this really uplift my mood, shift my thoughts and gives me positive energy.

Bonus Tips

I give myself time to process and heal after any negative situation.

After processing, I write my feelings to get to know. If I have overcome negativity or not.

Whenever I feel low, I try to go to the root cause and think about the solution instead of thinking about the problems

I try to avoid using negative words (sometimes it’s really hard but this adds positivity in my life)

Lastly, the most important I pray!

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