How Expressing Gratitude is Important.

ā€œGratitude turns what we have into enough.ā€ ā€“ Anonymous.

A simple thank you and kind smile take a few seconds but It makes a difference on both the lives giver and taker.

What is G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E, Gratitude is being thankful for the things which you have, instead of complaining about what you don’t have. in simple term, Gratitude is an expression. Where you express your appreciation and be thankful for the things which you have.

Gratitude disconnects you from negative and toxic thinking, It shifts your attention toward good things. You acknowledge good in your life and You start counting your blessing.

You can be thankful for things which you are blessed with. When you start noticing your blessings you find more reason to be grateful for. there are a lot of things to be thankful for. when you spend more energy to express gratitude then you generate more happiness in your life.

Gratitude makes you more understanding, helping, compassionate and kind person. when you are grateful, you feel more connected with people. researches say that grateful people are the happiest people.

Benefits of Being Grateful

  • Gratefulness boosts happiness
  • Practising gratitude makes you focus on positive things in your life
  • It unlocks the fullness
  • It makes you feel good
  • It builds a good relationship with people
  • It makes you a positive person
  • It improves your mental health and well being
  • It leads a happier life and it impacts your life positively
  • it generates positive energy

Expressing gratitude has a strong impact on life. you need to be vocal about the things which you are grateful for.

How to Express Gratitude

Write a Journal on Gratitude

Make journal write it down your thoughts on things which you are thankful for. writing an actual journal is important. As expressing is important than the thinking. while writing you express your thoughts of gratefulness. how you are thankful for things which you have.

When you spend time to write gratitude Journal it lowers your stress and shifts your focus from Negative to Positive things. You start giving more time and energy to positive things in your life.

Writing journal teaches you more about YOU. You understand what matters to you. What you appreciate more in your life. you start noticing, what brings more happiness in your life. that is the reason writing actual JOURNAL is important.

Today, I am Grateful For…….!

so make your own Gratitude List

Practice Self Gratitude

Self gratitude is showing appreciation towards self. When you start practising self gratitude you find more reasons to be thankful for and you discover that you deserve all good things. when you use kind words towards you. you heal yourself.

Most of the time you are thankful for everything and everyone but you are not thankful for yourself. you never show appreciation to yourself, most of the time you spend your time and energy to show appreciation to people around you.

You can show appreciation by every small or big achievement you need to celebrate you. when you celebrate your accomplishments and your achievements. that motivates you to keep going.

Expressing Gratitude to People

Whenever someone does anything for you and you express gratefulness to that person that really motivate people to be around you.

Expressing gratitude is an act of showing other people how thankful you are for them. letting people know how you value them and How they are important in your life.

Many people feel unappreciated when their Partner, friends, family or co-workers are less appreciating. so try to be grateful for the smallest things which people are doing it for you(even if that is their work). try to be appreciative and be vocal towards People and things which are important to you. Appreciate them with your kind words people who are around you. That really brings happiness in your life.

Gratitude through Volunteering

The more you give the happier you feel. Volunteering is a significant way to show gratitude. you express gratitude by giving something to the world in return. you take a small step to make the world a better place. supporting and helping others help you to protect your mental health. Helping other people makes differences in you own life.

There are different types of volunteering First, you need to choose a cause which you are passionate about and be helpful for someone else.

Good deeds always make you feel better and make you a better human being.

Using Gentle Words

Words have a strong influence on life. they are so powerful they can build up or tear you down. they can encourage or discourage. They also impact on speaker as well as listeners.

Gentle word satisfy and heal the soul. they mend a broken bond. they have the compassion to heal the world. they are really powerful. they bring happiness into speaker and listener lives. when you use Gentle words your own soul nourish

When you say gentle words to yourself or to someone else that changes everything. It encourages someone to be better. It positively impacts people lives.